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Make habits with these tips

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Let's go over some easy but powerful methods to conquer any habit.


Let's start this quest

We all, at some point, want to start working out or perhaps start a new diet; I have complied the easiest way to form new habits with some essential tips. There are several tips out on the internet, but these are the best, in my opinion, be sure to let me know which ones you like at the bottom. At the end of this blog, you'll have a strong sense of making habits and allowing yourself to become a different person.

We need to start by writing it down

Like starting anything new, you first need to write it down with specifics, such as your goals and a timeline. Next, write down the essential question to your problem, how. For example, I want to lose XX amount of weight by XX date. By answering how,

I will be at a deficit of 3,500 calories a week to lose 1 pound a week. You must be in the state of mind of how you're going to achieve your goal. It can also help by listing at least ten possible solutions. Brainstorming can help, but don't stop until you have at least ten possibilities.

Go small, not big

Another great tip to starting a habit is starting small. If you want to start running more often or reading a book, start small. When it comes to reading, have a time limit such as 5 mins or walk to the end of the street. If these tasks are believed to be too complicated, then reduce them. Make a deal with yourself to just put your running clothes and shoes on. After you put them on, do nothing else, and you are free to go back into whatever you were doing. You'll find since you're already there, you might as well complete the task. As more time goes by, your definition of small will increase over time.

Can you see it

Create a vision of your goal and dream it. Motivational speakers often say this but for a good reason. For example, going back to the diet, you would visualize yourself looking fit and how you are feeling better, thinking sharper. I'm sure you have heard of a swimmer by the name of Micheal Phelps. He used the power of visualization to help him win several gold trophies. He would close his eyes and pretend he had already won the trophy. How it would feel to stand holding the gold medal in his hands, what he can taste and smell. Using this technique will give you the reasons to keep fighting when you don't want to.

What is your why

What is your reason for making this habit, what is your why? Fully understanding your cause has to be built on a solid foundation. For example, everyone knows healthy eating means you'll live longer. Still, that thought doesn't come into their head until the doctor informs them it's too late. So your cause has to be understood deep inside because if your reason is weak, it will not last when you face obstacles that make you lazy to perform. But this is where your why comes in and triumphs anything in its path.

Your biggest enemy

These tips wouldn't be complete without the power of consistency. Without consistency is where most habits fail and for several reasons too. Sometimes we can feel discouraged as to seeing no progress. We will also try to justify by putting it off for tomorrow. Do not make excuses, and take responsibility for any lack of consistency. But when you use all the previous tips combined with these, you'll find it easier to be consistent. This one almost becomes a by-product result of the other suggestions provided.

Let's Do The Impossible

As you can see, forming habits can be easy with the proper guidance. Most people will agree you can say the same about anything we may find challenging to learn. We should always look to expand our knowledge; there's no telling what we can become. Gaining knowledge is especially true when it comes to reading books. This is why I would recommend "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business." This book breaks it down into an easy-to-understand and informative understanding of habits. I will have a link to the book, and if you use the link, you'll support everything I do. This doesn't cost you extra to use, but I would greatly appreciate it if you did.

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